UFC Futures: Asu Almabaev

Asu Almabaev (14-2) is the type of exciting fighter the UFC should add to their Flyweight division that’s experiencing a reawakening currently. The black belt in Brazilian JiuJitsu combines fantastic grappling with some exciting striking, evidenced by ten finishes, four in the first. No fight is currently scheduled but the 27-year-old currently holds two belts across multiple promotions and is an intriguing fighter to watch going forward.

Asu was born in 1994, still calling home to Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city located on the southern border with Kyrgyzstan. He fights out of Dar Team, Kazakhstan’s largest coup of MMA fighters who also have UFC Welterweight Shavkat Rakhmonov under their watch. Asu comes from a freestyle wrestling background but made a name for his young self in BJJ. He became a national champ in the sport, then went on to win BJJ’s World Cup with his countrymates.

Now with the black belt wrapped around his waist, he’s a 14-2 two-belt champion with titles in Russia’s M-1 Global and Kazakhstan’s Naiza FC. Asu is uniquely nicknamed “Zulfikar” representing the sword given by The Prophet Muhammad to Ali Ibn Abi Talib. Almabaev rides a 10-fight win streak heading into 2022, which can be a momentous year for him and UFC matchmakers should be watching.

Asu “Zulfikar” Almabaev | 14-2 | 5’5 125 lbs. | Age 27 | Reach N/A | Orthodox Stance | Fighting Out of Almaty, Kazakhstan

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