One to Watch on The Contender Series wk. 9: Desmond Torres

Desmond “The Tyrant” Torres (7-1) can collect his fourth straight submission victory on week nine of Dana White’s Contender Series.  Born in Wahiawa, Hawaii then growing up across the country in Virginia, Torres took to Jiu-Jitsu in elementary school.  He gained his interest in martial arts from his Dad who regularly popped in Pride videos into the old VHS.

Desmond then joined wrestling, where he shined and gained his intriguing nickname.  Torres states he developed a competitive mean streak while on the mat while learning about tyrannical leaders in history class.  His friends made the connection, started chanting it during his matches and it stuck ever since.

Now fighting out of Irvine, California with the ever reputable Team Oyama, Torres has taken his all-around background and applies it now full-time to MMA.  “The Tyrant” is currently on a five-fight win streak with four submissions, earning him a chance on The Contender Series this Tuesday.  He faces Steve Garcia Jr. (9-3) on August 20th, 2019 in Las Vegas on ESPN+.

Desmond “The Tyrant” Torres  | 7-1 | 5’7 135 lbs. | Age 23 | Reach 70” | Orthodox Stance | Fighting Out of Irvine, California

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