Two Stars Emerge At UFC 222: Sean O’Malley (Part 1)

“Sugar” Sean O’Malley Can Be The Second Coming Of Conor McGregor.

“Sugar” Sean O’Malley (11-0) Defeats Andre “The Asian Sensation” Soukamthath (12-6) by Unanimous Decision.

Sean O’Malley showed enormous potential with an unforgettable performance On Saturday night. He thoroughly dominated the first two rounds against Andre “The Asian Sensation” Soukamthath. Calm, cool and collected like Conor McGregor, O’Malley showed off an impressive arsenal of strikes with no hesitation. He dolled out the mental warfare too, talking trash to Soukamthath while even being backed up by his cornermen, according to O’Malley’s interview with The MMA Hour Podcast.

The third round is what made this one memorable for many fans, Sean threw a head kick that landed awkwardly and hobbled himself badly. Forced to fight the remaining three minutes on one foot, Sean’s striking game was rendered useless without the leg to generate power. Yet Soukamthath stuck to his wrestling game plan and proceeded to take Sugar down 3 successive times to round out the fight. It was a truly puzzling decision; Andre needed a knockout or submission to win as he was down two rounds to none. O’Malley was able to defend off his back in full guard thus giving his foot needed relief.

After the fight, fans and media alike were dumbfounded by Soukamthath’s takedowns, but “Sugar” was basking in the spotlight after a Fight Of The Night victory. The post fight interview was iconic, Joe Rogan kneeling on the canvas beside the injured O’Malley on his back as he exuded confidence and charisma in each answer.


The UFC Executives have a star in the making, after what “Sugar” Sean O’Malley showed them in the Octagon as well as the behind the scenes this weekend. Throughout fight week, “Sugar” was killing it with the media and in the fashion game. Once fight night came around, he doubled down on his confidence and showed the world why they should know his name. Sounds awfully familiar to a certain “Notorious One”…



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